Friday, May 25, 2012

Blessed Are The Daydreamers

There's a trend in technology making the distance from inner creativity to external productivity shorter, and easier to to bridge. Our tools are becoming simpler and more intuitive, as well as more powerful and efficient, meaning that it is taking less time, less skill and less effort to make better things.

The days of a half-decade's study to be able to effectively perform a creative task are coming to an end. Computers are able to rectify mistakes, intuit intent and generally allow less skilled people to achieve better things, increasingly. The "work" required to express a creative urge is becoming smaller and smaller.

In time, it is foreseeable that with thought-based technology (as expressed currently with brain-controlled prosthetic limbs) will enable us to create purely with thought. Imagine things to life.

Creativity is becoming less and less the domain of the committed student, and more and more the domain of the skilled Imaginer.